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I have known Dr. Chung since 1980 and, during that time, I have witnessed first-hand the amazing results he has achieved as a health practitioner. As an attorney who handles a variety of personal injury cases, I have witnessed the results of Dr. Chung’s treatment on clients who have been involved in a variety of accidents from mild to severe. Dr. Chung has been effective in dealing with back and neck injuries, soft tissue injuries, internal organ injuries (e.g. kidney and liver), and knee and ankle injuries. Moreover, I was happily surprised to find that a number of his patients reported to me that not only did he address the injuries they had, but he also helped improve other health ailments. One referral was cured of his severe hay fever in only two visits. Another, who suffers from emphysema, reported that after one treatment from Dr. Chung, he breathed better than he had in ten years. Finally, a number of those who were accident victims reported that the mental anxiety, agitation, and depression they had been experiencing as a result of their trauma was alleviated by Dr. Chung’s treatments. There were other remarkable effects achieved by Dr. Chung, but I think it would be simpler to say that his approach to healing is extremely effective, and as a practitioner of the healing arts, he has my very highest recommendation.

Robert C. Cheasty
Former Mayor of Albany, CA


Dr. Chung was recommended to me by Dr. Thomas Schmitz, who is the Orthopedic Surgeon for the Golden State Warriors, during the 1980-81 season.  At the time, I was having a problem with soreness of my right knee which the doctors and physical therapists just couldn’t relieve.  But after a few treatments under Dr. Chung, all the soreness was relieved. During the six years that I ‘ve known Dr. Chung I can unequivocally attest to his integrity, knowledge, and ability in the services provided by him.  I heartily recommend him to anyone in need of those services.

Purvis Short, Golden State Warriors (1978-87)


We want to express our appreciation for the very successful treatments that you gave to Mrs. Brock and to me.  We are much aware that traditional western medicine failed to help the severe disabling arthritis of Mrs. Brock’s neck.  Acupuncture abolished all pain and enabled her to have full movements of her neck which were impossible before treatments.  My postoperative low backaches have also improved considerably with long-term acupuncture.  Again, we want to thank you for your successful treatments.

Kurt S. Brock, M.D.


Dr. Chung was recommended by Dr. Thomas Schmitz, who is the Orthopedic Surgeon for the Golden State Warriors.  After a full examination to my right hamstring and knee, it was concluded that I had developed a cyst in my lower hamstring where the knee bends.  Physical therapists gave me treatment in which the knee did not respond.  So, Dr. Schmitz and I decided that I should give Dr. Chung a visit.  After the medical attention  that Dr. Chung provided, I did not have anymore problems with my leg. Furthermore, I was able to play the entire basketball season of 1986-87.

Greg Ballard, Golden State Warriors (1986-87)


While I am now back on the tennis courts and re-enjoying my athletic activities, I wish to write this note to recount some of my problems associated with my back pain and a ski accident.

I have had a chronic back condition since I was in graduate school in the early 1960’s.  In 1972, I was hospitalized in Boston for two weeks because of severe back pain.  After moving to California in 1975, my back problem had gotten worse.  I spent, on the average, two to three weeks in bed and had to curtail my athletic activities almost totally for five years.  I was seen by neurosurgeons, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, and even two acupuncturists.  None of them were able to help me other than give me short-term relief.

In 1982, I had a very severe situation where I was taken to the Kaiser Emergency Room, where I was given a shot of morphine and two days following that, took heavy doses of painkillers, per doctor’s instructions, to minimize the pain.  But I had to stop because the side effects were severe, to the point I hallucinated.  That was the time I called you, and you were so kind to come to my home and treat me with acupuncture.  I was able to get up off the bed and walk around, though gingerly, in about ten minutes.  After two more treatments, I was able to go back to work.  Further treatments brought me back to mild athletic activities and eventually resume full normal function.

In 1984, I ventured back to the ski slopes and got involved in an accident which twisted both of my knees.  Again, your treatment quickly brought me back to normal.

Your skillful treatment has helped me much more than any of the other professionals have been able to do.  Therefore, it is my pleasure and honor to write this note and I would not hesitate to recommend your service, as I have been doing, to other people who have suffered the same or similar ailments.

Carl C.T. Wang, Ph.D.

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